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The Arganier landscape, the coast region between Essaouira and South of Souss River, is spotted by the argania spinosa leafy branches,
a tree belonging to the Sapotaceae family, growing only in this specific area of Morocco.
From the argan tree fruits, the women, by a patient cracking job, use to extract the argan oil, with beneficial properties and used both in cooking and in cosmetics.
The tree is State property of Morocco, and UNESCO in 1998 included its area into the Biosphere Reserve list.

Nowadays the argan constitutes a true mean to fight countryside exodus, and it gives work to many women.
Since fifteen years, also thanks to the studies of Zoubida Charrouf, researcher and university teacher, president of Ibn Al Baytar Association for promoting and diffusing the culture of medicine plants in Morocco, the women started organizing themselves into feminine cooperatives, guaranteeing emancipation and economic independence.

Arganier - yallaz responsible tourism

essaouira, the fish harbour and the thuja wood craftsmanship

sidi kaouki area among dune beaches, waterfalls and marabut

imintlit village and the feminine coop for argan oil production
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Arganier - yallaz responsible tourism
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