responsible tourism: give another meaning to your travel

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yallaz responsible tourism

yallaz responsible tourism

yallaz responsible tourism

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism is the finest way of travelling to know a country at its best!

Your travel becomes an exciting experience of meeting local people, lifestyle and culture, without forgetting the tourist side of that experience: visiting archaeological sites, trekking into the nature, walking around cities and markets.. but even looking for unbeaten tracks, behind the mass tourism stereotypes.

Then, local people is the focus of this way of travelling, being involved in designing and organizing the tour; in addition, they become protagonist in making living and understanding its proper culture end environment. Finally, local people is the main actor from an economic point of view: working with small local structures and supporting local development projects, responsible travellers help a sustainable and fair economic growth, preserving environmental, cultural and social heritage. Responsible tourism helps boosting the local economy, leaving as much profit as possible to local community.

Our tours

YALLAZ tours base on respect, meeting, curiosity and fair economy.

Somehow we travel slowly, taking our time for meeting people, broadening our knowledge of local culture and taking pleasure in what we are visiting.

Our groups are small (maximum 10/12 people) to be all active protagonists.
We stay in small, local and family owned spots, sometimes even in family houses, always well representing architecture, art and craft, where you can enjoy human warmth and real traditional cooking, which is the best way of sharing, especially in Africa!
We move either by public transports or by rented cars or by small vans with driver.

Generally speaking, a YALLAZ tour leader is in charge of both organization end cultural mediation; for small groups of friends we organize ad hoc tours and even daily excursions.
For the most independent travellers, speaking local language, we can propose as well a self-travelling formula: you meet a local guide in every place, following an agreed and pre-booked program.

At the end of our tours, we always give you a transparent expenses report, showing off the percentage you left to local community.